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Is Laser Technology Also Related To The Clothing Industry??

Since the birth of laser, it has been hailed as “the fastest knife” and “the most accurate ruler”. How can the clothing industry keep such good tools away?

At present, laser equipment has been widely penetrated in the clothing industry, and many traditional processing equipment have been banned, which has profoundly promoted the transformation and upgrading of the entire clothing industry.

laser washing process

The promotion and use of lasers in the clothing industry has many advantages. For example, the traditional washing process requires the use of a large amount of chemical reagents and water, which easily causes environmental pollution and waste of resources, and the cumbersome processing procedures lead to very low production efficiency. After adopting the laser water washing process, the production and processing flow of clothing is greatly simplified, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

laser marking clothing

At present, the laser washing process for denim in Europe has banned the traditional washing process and has become the current mainstream processing method. The processing efficiency has reached 10 times that of the traditional process, and better processing results have been obtained. Laser marking is the most common processing form in clothing processing. Many of the exquisite patterns we usually see on clothing are made by laser marking. The cumbersome process is no longer needed, the production is convenient and fast, the pattern change is flexible, the produced image is clearer, the three-dimensional feeling is stronger, and the natural attributes of the fabric can be better displayed. At present, the shoe upper cutting process produced by the well-known apparel brand NIKE uses a laser cutting system, which makes the product more competitive through precise laser cutting.

nike laser cutting

laser engrave

In the field of high-end fashion, lasers are also favored by designers. In 2017, laser hollow elements for apparel fabrics suddenly appeared in the fashion industry. Exquisite and meticulous patterns, and the hollow effect of perforated carvings, add a strong artistic appeal to the clothing, and at the same time compound the taste of retro and modern.

laser hollow engrave

brogue laser engrave

brogue laser cutting

The docking of high-tech with traditional industries will help promote the development of new and high-end industries. The introduction of advanced laser technology into the clothing industry will help the transformation and upgrading of the clothing industry, making the clothing production and processing industry develop from a labor-intensive industry to a new type of processing industry with a higher degree of automation.



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