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IPG Launches New Ultra-Compact Lasers Series

As a leader in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, IPG Photonics announced the launch of the new YLR-U series of near-infrared 1μm fiber lasers. YLR-U series is the world’s highest performance industrial kilowatt continuous Ytterbium-doped fiber laser. This laser has the industry’s smallest size and lightest weight, and provides super performance with an ultra-compact size and record power/volume ratio.


This series of fiber lasers can currently provide up to 4 kW of continuous power and can reach 8 kW in the near future. With its fully sealed frame design, YLR-U series lasers can work in extremely harsh environments (such as relative humidity up to 90%).

YLR-U series lasers adopt the latest achievements of IPG Photonics’ world-leading industrial pump diode packaging technology. “With the launch of our new ultra-compact YLR-U series, IPG once again raises the leading performance of industrial lasers to a new level.” Trevor Ness, senior vice president of IPG global sales and marketing, said: “These solutions are without exception. Provide customers with the highest value in the market.”

Like IPG’s leading YLR series, YLR-U series lasers are specially designed to handle various metal cutting, welding and drilling applications. In the past year, IPG customers have benefited from the high peak power option, which enables quick and clean repetitive drilling, high-quality cutting, additional pulse welding capabilities, and cutting of highly reflective metals on thicker materials And welding, all of which improve the processing speed and quality. IPG’s unique high peak power option improves the quality and speed of the process, thereby improving the overall processing capacity, while saving materials, time and operating costs.

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