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Integrated air-cooled handheld welding gun welcomes the new generation

Laser welding technology has gradually replaced traditional arc welding, electric welding and other welding technologies. In the field of automobile manufacturing, relevant data has shown that in Western developed countries, about 70% of automobile parts are completed through laser welding technology.

As people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, more and more devices choose to use batteries as their power source. In the field of power battery production, basic steps such as welding of top cover structures, cell production, and series and parallel connection of cell modules all have high requirements for the quality of the welding process. Therefore, laser welding technology is also widely used in the currently very popular power battery industry.laser welding features
While the market demand for laser welding has increased dramatically, the technical and process requirements for laser welding have also increased simultaneously. Although laser welding has many advantages that traditional welding cannot match, there are also many problems that need to be improved, which are mainly reflected in the specific application process: laser welding joints are easy to get dust during the plugging, unplugging and use processes, and during the docking process There are phenomena such as stuck alarms, and due to the poor processing environment and large amounts of dust, it is easy to cause contamination of the focusing lens. These are all headaches for front-line welding workers.
In response to the problems existing in traditional laser welding, handheld laser welding emerged as the times require, and has been recognized by the market for its many advantages such as high efficiency, short training time, environmental protection, low consumables, and high ductility.
It is more lightweight and also further optimizes the process structure of handheld welding, solving many problems that currently exist in handheld welding:
Safety: multiple safety redundancy design;
Rapid cooling: thermal management advantages, rapid heat dissipation;
Compact: The weight of the gun head is about 760g;
Low price: air cooling, no additional water cooling equipment required;
Lightweight: integrated design, simple structure, more stable performance, and easy maintenance;
Comfortable: Ergonomic design, 110° grip angle, less fatigue when held for a long time.
In terms of equipment weight and volume, the integrated air-cooled handheld laser welding gun also has obvious advantages over traditional equipment. The lightweight and easy-to-carry body and the ergonomically designed hand grip structure greatly improve its efficiency and experience.


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