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How to control the quality of laser welding machine

At present, the field of science and technology is developing very rapidly. With the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent industrialization is gradually taking shape. With the development of laser welding technology, the technology of laser welding machines is also becoming increasingly mature. The scope of laser welding industry applications is constantly expanding. However, in the actual production process of welding machines, various problems will also occur due to various reasons. So how to control the quality of laser welding machine?

1. Check the quality of the welding machine. Generally, there are two methods: visual inspection and destructive inspection. As the name suggests, visual inspection is for the staff to determine whether the welding machine product is qualified based on their rich work experience. However, it is not sufficient to draw conclusions based on this inspection. This requires destructive inspection, that is, tearing apart the base material of the welding machine. Undergo verification. In addition, a tensile tester can also be used to test the tensile strength.

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Second, conduct cause analysis based on the phenomenon. Generally speaking, if there is poor processing of the welding machine, there may be a problem with the material. It is necessary to replace the material after checking the material quality or change the waveform setting process conditions of the laser welding machine to solve the problem; if welding machines appear continuously on the same part of the welding machine product, If it is defective, it is likely that there is a problem with the workbench and fixtures; if there are occasional welding penetrations and weak welds, you can check the energy stability of the welding machine or whether there are problems with the workbench and fixtures.
Third, strengthen the quality assurance management of welding machines. During the welding process, firstly, the pressure of the welding machine must be tested frequently with a pressure tester to keep the pressure constant. At the same time, the action condition of the welding machine head must be checked frequently; secondly, the monitoring of the current must be strengthened. Avoid problems such as fluctuations in power supply voltage, reduction in current output due to overheating caused by overloading of the welding machine, reduction in current due to poor contact with the workpiece, poor performance of the welding machine, etc.; Third, changes in workpiece thickness, coating thickness, metal composition, etc. must be considered , to avoid the occurrence of defective welding machine products.

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