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How Deal With Laser Marking Machine Bottom Is Uneven?

What is the root cause of the common faults that cause the marking effect of the laser marking machine to be uneven? The use of laser marking machines is very common, especially in the field of handicraft products, which are favored by customers.

However, equipment is also like human beings. With the increase in usage time and the damage of parts, various problems will occur in equipment. The same is true for laser CNC engraving machines, which may cause unfair cleaning of the bottom.

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So, what happened to the uneven bottom of the CNC engraving machine? How can I solve it by myself? Today I sorted out the following materials for your reference.

The uneven marking effect of laser marking machines is one of the common problems. It is mainly manifested in the obvious bulge at the bottom during laser marking, there is a prominent raised vertical line between the word and the word, the heavier the marking, the more obvious the phenomenon.

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The reasons for the uneven marking effect are as follows.
1. The light output of the laser switching power supply is unstable.
2. The production and processing speed is too fast, and the response time of the laser tube cannot keep up.
3. The optical path is deviated or the focal length is wrong, resulting in transmitted light and uneven bottom.
4. The selection of focusing lenses is unscientific. You should choose short-focus lenses as much as possible to improve the quality of light.

The solution to clear the uneven marking effect is as follows.
1. Replace the laser switch power supply for detection.
2. Reduce the processing speed.
3. Check the optical path to ensure that the optical path is correct.
4. When using short focal length spectacle lenses, the focal length adjustment should take into account the depth of the production process.

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