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Handheld Laser Welding Machine More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Welding Machine

Handheld laser welding machine are already well-known in the metal welding industry. Handheld laser welding machines are gradually widely used in many industries due to their low operating difficulty, high welding efficiency, good product quality, and wide range of applications.

laser welding machine product

Handheld laser welding machine is a new type of welding equipment that introduces new technology and forms automated welding. It is a simple and portable equipment that takes up no more than 2 cubic meters of space and usually weighs around 300kg. It is also a new type of precision welding equipment suitable for various environments, including outdoor welding. A handheld laser welding machine replaces the traditional fixed welding gun optical path, making it more flexible and convenient. It is equipped with a 10 meter long optical fiber cable connection welding head, expanding its welding activity space. Outdoor welding is easy, while traditional laser welding machines can only implement fixed welding, making it difficult to weld large workpieces and limited in application scope.

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The manual cost of handheld laser welding is low, and professional operators are required for argon arc welding, which is about 7K per month. The handheld fiber laser welding machine only requires regular or new workers, with a salary of about 5K per month, which can save about 20K per year. The handheld fiber laser welding machine has strong substitutability, low requirements for technicians, and saves labor costs.

The handheld laser welding machine does not require consumables for welding, automatically fills wires, and can be operated by replacing protective lenses, reducing subsequent processing, saving materials and time. Multiple welding modes, such as vertical corner welding, splicing welding, vertical welding, etc., can be freely switched, suitable for various materials, and widely used in mobile phone parts, kitchenware industry, bathroom industry, aviation industry, door and window industry, etc.

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