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Handheld laser welding machine maintenance methods and equipment service life

Handheld laser welding machines are now more and more widely used. As a kind of mechanical equipment, daily maintenance is necessary to extend its service life and maintain its performance. To avoid premature aging and failure of the equipment caused by just using it without maintenance The laser welding machine manufacturer will teach you the correct maintenance methods for handheld laser welding machines.

1. Maintenance methods of handheld laser welding machine

1. Check circulating water

Check the conductivity of the circulating water in the handheld fiber welding machine. Introduction to laser cooling technology The purity of the cooling water is the key to ensuring the laser output efficiency and the life of the laser-focusing cavity components. During use, the conductivity of the circulating water should be checked once a week to ensure Its conductivity requires the internal circulation of deionized water to be replaced once a month. Always pay attention to the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system. Once you find that the color of the resin in the exchange column changes to dark brown or even black, replace the resin immediately.

2. Check the light spot
Check the handheld fiber welding machine and adjust the laser resonant cavity. Equipment operators can often use black paper to check the laser output spot. Once an uneven spot or energy drop is found, the laser resonant cavity should be adjusted in time to ensure the laser output beam. quality. Debugging operators must have a common sense of laser safety protection and must wear special laser protective glasses during work. Laser adjustment must be performed by specially trained personnel, otherwise, damage to other components on the optical path may occur due to laser misalignment or polarization.

3. Check the working status
Check the optical path components of the handheld fiber optic welding machine. To ensure that the laser handheld fiber optic welding machine is always in normal working condition, after a continuous operation or when it is stopped for some time, first deal with the YAG rod, dielectric diaphragm, lens protective glass, and out, her optical paths before starting the machine. Check the laser components to ensure that each optical component is not contaminated. If there is contamination, it should be dealt with in time to ensure that each optical component will not be damaged under strong laser irradiation.
Of course, we cannot rely solely on maintenance. The natural aging of the equipment is an objective fact. Let’s take a look at the service life of the handheld laser welding machine.

2. Service life of handheld laser welding machine
Generally speaking, laser welding equipment has a long service life, which can basically reach about 8-10 years. Of course, handheld laser welding equipment is no exception. Of course, this is also based on the premise that we properly maintain the equipment and use the welding equipment correctly. In addition to paying attention to operational safety during daily use, we must also pay attention to avoiding crushing the welding wires, keeping the internal circulating water clean, and replacing deionized water regularly. In pure water, regular inspections should be done to avoid equipment loss caused by abnormal use.

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