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DJI Releases Cost-Effective Autonomous Driving Lidar( Laser Radar)

Speaking of DJI, people’s first impression must be drones, but in fact, DJI is also trying to enter the field of autonomous driving. At the CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) held this year, Livox Technology released two thousand-yuan lidars-Horizon and Tele-15. The prices are only 6,499 and 8,999 yuan seperately, which lowers the price of radar. Livox is an independent subsidiary of DJI.


These two laser radars have high performance, low price, and more importantly, they are different from the mainstream radar currently used in autonomous vehicles-mechanical laser radar. The radar released by Livox is a rotating mirror lidar, which is a solid-state lidar, which fixes the electronic components of the light source part and scans by rotating or vibrating some mechanical parts.

Rotating mirror lidar provides a new scanning method that can provide better sensing performance at a much lower cost than traditional lidar devices. By making lidar easier and cheaper to integrate into products and applications, Livox sensors will enable innovative applications in more fields from autonomous driving to smart cities, mapping, mobile robots and more.

For a long time, the development of the lidar industry has been restricted by two conditions. One is the high cost and the other is the slow manufacturing speed. It is understood that Livox is trying to change by providing access to high-quality lidar systems that can be easily integrated into a variety of different purposes. This situation. The reason for the establishment of Livox is that DJI hopes to be able to self-develope the lidar carried on industrial drones. During the research process, it discovered the autonomous driving market. DJI officials expressed the hope that the company’s technology will be used and act as a catalyst in the fast-growing industries like autonomous driving, mobile robots, map drawing, and measurement, etc. .


At present, DJI lidar has begun to diliver new products, which means that the  two products will enter the market on a large scale. It is believed that lidar at this price will also bring certain changes to the market. With DJI’s accumulated experience in hardware manufacturing and innovative technologies, it is believed that the development of Livox will become more and more mature, gradually bringing us more amazing products, and the future can be expected.


(Origin: https://laser.ofweek.com/2020-07/ART-8460-2400-30449161.html)

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