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How to choose the right jewelry spot welding machine? Riselaser’s 40W to 200W Spot Welder Series

Jewelry production is a precise and unique art form, and achieving accurate, stable, and high-quality spot welding is crucial for jewelry designers and manufacturers. In this regard, the Riselaser jewelry spot welding technology has received widespread acclaim in the industry for its superior performance and reliability.Riselaser offers a range of jewelry spot welding machines from 40W to 200W to meet your different welding needs.Compared with traditional manual welding, it has many unique advantages. The jewelry spot welding machine can achieve high-precision welding, and spot welding can avoid material damage and deformation problems that may occur in traditional welding methods.

  • Fast welding speed, high efficiency, small heat-affected zone, small deformation, and low tendency of thermal cracks.
  • The welding seam is of high quality and has no porosity, which can reduce or save the subsequent grinding process.
  • Can weld metals with high hardness, high melting point and special materials.
  • Allows soldering of delicate, micro and hard-to-reach places.
  • Simple operation, no need for professional technicians.
The use method of jewelry spot welding machine generally includes the following steps:
  • Prepare jewelry and related materials such as filler metal, shielding gas, etc. to be welded.
  • Turn on the power switch of the jewelry spot welding machine, and adjust the laser parameters, such as pulse energy, pulse frequency, pulse time, etc.
  • Place jewelry into welding chamber and secure with clamps or fingers.
  • Aim at the part to be welded through the observation window or microscope, and press the foot pedal or button to emit the laser beam.
  • Repeat the above steps as necessary until all welding is complete.
Frequently asked questions

1.What are the models and power of jewelry spot welding machines?

Our current models are Magic Box 40W, RL-Y60 60W, RL-Y80 80W, RL-Y100 100W, RL-Y200 200W. 100W and 200W are available for continuous production, other models are available for maintenance. You can choose the model according to the material you want to weld and the time of use.

2.What are the features of the Magic Box 40W?

The magic box is a mini spot welding machine tailored for terminal use. The whole machine is only about 13KG and is easy to carry.Magic box adopts the cooling method of coolant, which can be used without adding water.The magic box uses an electronic CCD display screen. Even when the light is emitted, the machine screen will not flicker, so that customers can use it comfortably.The design that integrates parameter settings is convenient for parameter adjustment during work and achieves better welding results.

3.What are the characteristics of the 60W spot welder and what are the main uses?

The 60W spot welding machine is currently the most cost-effective model in the Chinese domestic market, and it is also the best-selling model.It can be widely used in various jewelry repair shops, handicraft processing workshops, glasses production, etc.

4.What are the features of RL-Y100 100W?

Riselaser’s unique 100W, using air cooling + water cooling + external chiller.Super cooling method to ensure the machine works for a long time.Small size, stronger applicability

5.What are the features of RL-Y200 200W?

Riselaser’s unique 200W, using air cooling + water cooling + external chiller.Super cooling method. The built-in large 13L water tank allows the machine to work continuously for a long time with high efficiency even without a chiller.200W high power, the whole machine is only 90KG, which greatly reduces the transportation cost

6.How often is it recommended to change the water for spot welding machines?

If the daily use time is within 8 hours, it is recommended to change the water once a month. If more than 8 hours, it should be replaced more frequently.

7.What should I do if “Water cycle abnormality” appears on the startup interface?

Please check the relevant wires connection according to the interface reminding, remove the fault, start again. If still not work, check the water pump is working or not.If not working, one reason maybe the water pump have problem, it need to be replaced. Another reason is some connection is not well connected. Please contact us for further support.

8.Nothing on the display but the workbox work light is on?

Check whether the 8P plug behind the display screen is off. There is a light in the power box to check the display screen. If no light is on, check the 12V low-voltage power supply.

9.What is the frequency adjustment range of spot welding machine

The higher frequency , the more number of pulses per second . Maximum frequency is 200Hz. In continuous welding, welding melting trace is smoother . According to the welding products and operator proficiency to set the frequency, generally angular position frequency lower of the welding products, and flat , table moving at high speed higher when automatic welding.

10.What is the pulse adjustment range of the spot welder?

Adjustment range is 0.1ms-8ms. Maximum laser frequency in practical applications depends on the frequency, current (maximum pulse width not bigger than a frequency cycle). At the same current , the wider pulse width, the longer the laser output , the larger total output energy. Specific pulse width depends on the welding technology.

Jewelry spot welding plays a significant role in the jewelry manufacturing industry as a highly efficient welding technique that eliminates the need for additional materials. This method guarantees the structural stability of jewelry products, enables the restoration of damaged accessories, and caters to the specific requirements of customized jewelry. Nevertheless, it is crucial to address common challenges, including temperature control, welding time, and material selection, in order to uphold welding quality and preserve the integrity of the jewelry pieces.


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