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Comparison With Laser Derusting And Other Derusting Methods

What are the disadvantages of manual rust removal compared with laser rust removal?

The common method of manual derusting is generally to use a wire brush, sand pan, sackcloth, etc. to gently rub or pull the steel bar back and forth on the sand pile for derusting. The effect after clearing is OK for the time being. Wait a long time. Passivation will occur. It will return to its original appearance. It can’t meet everyone’s needs. It’s a simple thing for everyone to do repeatedly. Real numbers are troublesome and unnecessary.

Chemical rust removal?

Iron and steel rust remover is a kind of rust remover made of a and b components mixed with steel bars. It is composed of multiple components. It is not too safe to use than other rust removers for iron and steel. Serious rust can be removed in a short time. It can temporarily restore the metal color, without damage to the base metal in a short period of time, and can clean the rust on the surface of the reinforcement. It can also work in the tiny cracks. It can work at room temperature. However, the treated metal surface will have an impact on electroplating and painting, and also affect the grip of reinforcement. Application scope: rust scale, scrap iron and rust slag of equipment made of cast iron, carbon steel and alloy. Dissolve metal oxides. Method used: reasonable concentration and cleaning time shall be selected according to the corrosion degree, thickness and other factors. Component a can be diluted 2-6 times for use. Component a is a concentrated formula. For floating rust, it will have a good effect if it is diluted more than 20 times. Soaking, dipping, brushing, spraying, forced circulation and ultrasonic cleaning can be used. This product can effectively penetrate into the rust layer to dissolve stubborn oxides, sediments, slag scales, etc. Paint on the rusted metal surface for a few minutes, and the metal color can be temporarily exposed. Then rinse the derusting reinforcement with clean water, and then brush (or soak, soak, spray) the liquid of component B on the metal surface.

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Laser derusting

The so-called laser derusting refers to the automatic derusting of wire rod reinforcement with smaller diameter through the cold drawing and straightening process; The thick steel bars shall be derusted with a disc wire brush deruster. There are two types of laser derusting: fixed type and mobile type, which are generally self-made by the rebar processing unit. The power drives the disc wire brush to rotate at a high speed to remove the rust on the rebar. Fixed laser derusting is generally equipped with a circular wire brush. In order to improve efficiency, the two methods can also be used together.


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