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Common Problems In Laser Engraving Machine

For the long-term use of laser engraving machine industry, or DIY lovers, they will always encounter some problems in contact with laser engraving. For different materials, the parameters and application methods of laser engraving are also different. So, how to adjust these in order to achieve the desired effect? This issue brings you ten common questions about laser engraving, and provides you with suggestions on different materials and machine use methods.

1.Some carving suggestions on solid wood and hardwood.

When carving hardwood, we recommend covering the surface of the wood, so as to reduce the penetration of residues into the carving area and make it easy to clean.

Use the bottom-up sculpting mode. The working mode of the laser head can be changed in the laser software rdwork, which allows you to carve from bottom to top instead of from top to bottom. The advantage of this is that it can reduce the smoke and debris being pulled into the engraving area when the laser head moves.

After engraving, use some degumming agent to clean it. Because the gum of hardwood will turn black when burned at high temperature.

2.Could really carve on glass? What’s the skills?

First of all, not all glass is flat. Although you may think you need to buy some more expensive and high-grade glass to get better results, this is not the case. We have many customers who use wholesalers’ glassware to carve, but the carving effect is also very good.

For carving on glass, we give you some suggestions:

1).Using a relatively low resolution, you can get a better effect as long as 300dpi;

2).Change the black in the drawing to 80% black, which can improve the engraving quality;

3).Laying a wet paper towel on the glass helps to dissipate heat and improve the carving quality, but make sure the paper is free of wrinkles.;

4).Use a finger or paper towel to apply a thin layer of soap to the area to be carved, which also helps to dissipate heat;

5).Polish the engraved area with ScotchBrite or similar to remove glass fragments.

3.What should we pay attention to when carving on plywood (plywood) or light wood?

This material is more suitable for cutting than carving, because the texture of plywood may be uneven and there are different adhesive layers inside. When you want to carve on it, the material is very important. Uneven or too much or too little glue will affect the carving effect. Of course, if you find plywood with good quality, the carving effect is still very good, such as wood carving painting.

4.Could really carve on Leatherwear?

Laser engraving or cutting leather is OK, and we also have many customers engaged in this industry, such as customized wallets and handbag logos.


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