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Can Laser Cleaning Machine To Clean Auto Parts?

As the foundation of the automobile industry, auto parts are the necessary factors to support the sustainable and healthy development of the automobile industry. In particular, at present, the automotive industry is vigorously developing independent development and innovation, which needs a strong component system for support. A survey shows that 30% of vehicle failures are caused by consumers’ bad driving habits, and 70% are caused by auto parts. It can be seen that auto parts have a particularly important impact on the safety of vehicles during driving.

Although many car owners often wash their cars, they do not understand the role of car parts cleaning. Even some repair shop masters do not pay enough attention to the cleaning of parts. After long-term use of the car, its parts will accumulate some dust, rust, oil and so on. If the automobile parts are too dirty, it will lead to poor filtration and cleaning effect, and too many impurities enter the oil circuit cylinder, which will aggravate the wear of the parts and increase the possibility of failure. If it is seriously blocked, the vehicle will not work normally. Dirty radiator of water tank, radiator of air-cooled engine block and cylinder head, radiator of cooler and other parts will lead to poor heat dissipation and high temperature. The result is frequent car failures, wear and tear of parts, reducing the service life of cars and causing traffic accidents. Therefore, such “dirty” parts must be cleaned and maintained in time. Can laser cleaning machines be used to clean auto parts?

Traditional chemical cleaning and mechanical grinding have the problems of polluting the environment and low cleaning efficiency, so they can not effectively clean auto parts. Riselaser’s laser cleaning machine effectively solves the defects of traditional cleaning methods.

Laser Cleaning Machine Advantages

1.Laser cleaning is non-contact, which can be transmitted through optical fibers and combined with robots or manipulators to facilitate long-distance operation, and can clean parts that are not easy to reach by traditional methods.

2.Laser cleaning machine can be used stably for a long time, without consumables, only a small amount of electricity, low maintenance and operation costs, and can be easily automated and put into unlimited circulation at one time.

3.Laser cleaning can clean different types of pollutants on the surface of various materials to achieve a high degree of cleanliness. It is a new application of surface engineering treatment.

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