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Automation Principle Of Automatic Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Automatic laser marking machine to control the principle of laser marking machine general marking products are mostly divided into vector and dot-matrix marking, and laser vector marking is not through the marker point to form characters, but through the laser drawing lines to achieve the marking.

For vector graphics, points, lines, circles, and arcs are the constituent elements of their basic patterns and literal characters.

1. Generation of straight Lines

The function of the automatic laser marking machine is actually composed of two parts: first, the coordinates of the two endpoints of the straight line are found, then the position coordinates of the Cheng are converted, and the vibration mirrors of two different working positions are controlled, respectively, and the optical fiber laser marking machine lasers are controlled by the starting point to the end pendulum.

2, The generation of points

The automatic laser marking machine has the same drawing point as the drawing line, and the point can actually be used as a straight line with the same position at the end of the first operation.

Automatic fiber optic Laser Marking machine

3, The formation of circles and arcs By controlling the automatic laser marking machine vibration mirror to mark, drawing straight lines and points is the easiest to achieve, but also the fastest operation, so the drawing circle and arc is also achieved through a straight line. If you draw a straight line as a short string of strings, you can draw a circle. The endpoints of these strings are on the circumference of the circle. But if the number of segments is too small, that is, each string corresponds to an arc of 10 degrees, the circle generated by the string is not smooth. Thus, in order to make the number of round smooth strings the better, the number of strings is more calculated speed and processing speed will be reduced. This will be adjusted according to different marking requirements.

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