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Application Of Laser Marking Machine In Daily Necessities

With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more kinds of daily necessities, which have become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. It is particularly important to clearly mark the icons, environmental protection signs, parameters and other information on daily necessities, which can prompt the safe use scope and period of commodities.

Some daily necessities adopt external production and processing methods such as printing, labeling, hot stamping and shrink outer packaging, which does not take into account that some commodities are easy to cause the content of identification information to be blurred and identification to fall off during use, causing inconvenience to users. Laser marking technology is a more advanced technology with fast processing speed. The printed marks have the characteristics of durability, anti-counterfeiting and high quality. It does not need other processes. It is suitable for all kinds of metal and non-metallic materials.

The working principle of the laser marking machine is to gather the laser on the surface of the marked object with high energy density, vaporize the material on the surface in a very short time, and accurately burn and engrave exquisite patterns or words by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam. It is a green and safe marking equipment without material consumption and more convenient maintenance.

The advantages of laser marking machine mainly include the following aspects:

1. The marking image and text has high precision, can not be wiped, will not fade, and has obvious anti-counterfeiting effect. At the same time, it is conducive to product tracking and recording.

2. Adding added value can make the product look higher and enhance the popularity of the product brand.

3. High efficiency, no consumables, primary finished products, wide range of applicable materials, no secondary input.

4. When using daily necessities, it will not produce harmful elements, so there is more safety guarantee.

Against the background of high-tech environment, the small optical fiber laser marking machine launched by Huagong laser is powerful with its advantages of long service life, damage resistance, fast speed, safety, environmental protection and simple operation, so as to reduce production costs, reduce consumables and improve production efficiency for customers.

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