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Application Of Laser Engraving Machine

1. The rapid development of plaques, signs and signs, the construction of urban public facilities, the renovation and transformation of streets, modern residential areas, hotels and office buildings, have produced a lot of demand for the identification and guidance system in line with international standards, of which the carved plaques, signs and signs account for a considerable part, In order to establish a good corporate image and improve internal management, powerful enterprises have also replaced the company’s plaque with carved ones, and making chest and department cards in the form of carving has already become a fashion trend.

2. Architectural model, mechanical model, vehicle model and ship model are the oldest design tools. Modern society gives the model more novel meaning and more extensive uses. It is no exaggeration to say that the model is an industrial model. The performance and display of machinery, vehicles, ships, architectural design schemes and the sales of commercial houses are inseparable from the model. The model itself also has independent activities and significance such as competition, commemoration and collection. At present, the engraving machine that makes the model making more exquisite and faster has become the best helper in all walks of life.

3. Arts and crafts, gifts and souvenirs more and more medals, certificates, souvenirs and advertising materials in conferences and tourism activities are popular to be made by carving. Carving on pens, leather goods, tableware, lighters, watches, bottle openers, key chains, trophies, prize plates, imitation crystal ornaments, golf clubs, shotguns, rings and other items can reflect taste and personality. Interesting carving on bookmarks, powder boxes, pendants, mirror frames, silverware and other items meets people’s needs for emotional communication.

4. Industrial processing China’s output of building materials has ranked first in the world. At present, it is developing rapidly in the direction of improving quality and improving varieties. The engraving machine can easily and quickly produce a large number of exquisite molds for gypsum ceilings, ceramic tiles, floor tiles and other building decoration materials, so as to double the value of the decorative materials processed by this mold. In the countries with developed manufacturing industry, the surface marking of parts, the production of instrument panels, and the production of various signs, signboards, work number plates and production flow charts necessary for enterprise standardized management are mostly completed by engraving machines. According to foreign surveys and statistics, in Germany, Switzerland and other Western European developed industrial countries, Two thirds of engraving machines are used as machine tools in factories. China is becoming “the factory of the world”. I believe that the engraving machine will flourish and flourish into one workshop after another in China.

5. Plexiglass process and plexiglass processing plexiglass is one of the most ideal carving materials. No matter which of the five processing methods of “cutting”, “milling”, “carving”, “carving” and “drilling” of the carving machine is adopted, plexiglass has excellent processability, and organic glass has always been a test instrument, model, POP advertising ornaments, trinkets, art lamps Ideal materials for craft gifts and souvenirs, and the close combination of engraving machine and plexiglass, a good tool and material, will inevitably produce a variety of excellent products.

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