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Application Of Laser Cleaning Machine In Cleaning Al Si Coating On Weld

With the continuous development of laser, laser welding machine is more and more skilled in the field of metal sheet welding. For example, laser welding machine uses spot welding process to weld aluminized steel. What problems should be paid attention to when welding aluminized steel plate? In order to achieve the purpose of welding, what treatment does aluminized steel plate need to go through? The processed sheet metal profile can only be applied in the next steps after that process.

When the laser welding machine uses the spot welding process to process the aluminized steel plate, it needs higher current and closer welding process monitoring than the cold-rolled steel plate. At the same time, electrode maintenance is very important and should be corrected at any time to prevent the deformation of the contact surface. Therefore, the manufacturing of aluminized steel will be doped with non-metallic elements. The aluminized steel plate is a steel plate coated with aluminum silicon alloy, in which the aluminum content is 90% and the silicon content is 10%. The coating of aluminized steel plate has a higher melting point than that of galvanized steel plate, is not easy to flow and has a small melting area. Therefore, it is not necessary to use the current as large as that of welding galvanized steel plate. At the same time, there is very little harmful smoke in the welding process, which can effectively protect the environment.

The spot welding process of laser welding machine has been used to complete the welding of aluminized steel. However, there is a layer of gray black material at the weld after welding. This layer of gray material is left by silicon after reaction. In order to deal with this residue, it can be cleaned with strong acidic material, but it violates the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, so a new type Green cleaning is the way to go.

It is said that laser is omnipotent. It can not only weld metal, but also do cleaning equipment. Using laser cleaning equipment to clean the weld can not only clean up the residue, but also will not damage the base course. It is also a green and environmental protection cleaning means.

The cleaning process of laser cleaning equipment depends on the characteristics of the optical pulse generated by the laser, and is based on the photophysical reaction caused by the interaction between high-intensity beam, short pulse laser and pollution layer.

Laser cleaning is a “green” cleaning method, which does not need to use any chemical agent and cleaning solution. The cleaned waste is basically solid powder, small volume, easy to store and recyclable, which can easily solve the environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning; The non abrasive and non-contact nature of laser cleaning can solve these problems; Laser can be transmitted through optical fiber, cooperate with manipulator and robot, conveniently realize long-distance operation, clean parts that are difficult to reach by traditional methods, and ensure personnel safety; Laser cleaning can remove all kinds of pollutants on the surface of various materials, achieve the cleanliness that conventional cleaning cannot achieve, and selectively clean the pollutants on the material surface without damaging the material surface.

With high cleaning efficiency and low long-term use cost, laser cleaning equipment will become one of the main forces of cleaning in the future and seek benefits for more industries.

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