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Application Of Fiber Laser Welding Machine In Mobile Phone Industry.

From the early mobile phones to today’s smart phones, mobile phones have developed from 2G and 3G to 4G era, and will soon develop and produce mobile phones in 5g era.

Now mobile phone manufacturers will develop their mobile phones in the direction of light and thin, and their internal components are becoming smaller and smaller, with higher precision and electronic integration, and higher requirements for internal component welding technology.

For the micro parts in mobile phones, the welding quality of traditional welding technology is unstable, which is easy to lead to parts melting, difficult to form normal nugget, and low welding yield. The emergence of laser welding technology has solved these problems for electronic product manufacturers.

Laser beam belongs to non-contact processing, with small thermal impact, small processing area and flexible mode. In the current production process of high-end mobile phones, laser welding machine technology plays an important role in product volume optimization and quality improvement, making the products lighter, thinner and more stable.


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