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Advantages Of Laser Marking Machine.

The rapid development of domestic industry is inseparable from the development of laser marking machine. Laser marking machine is widely used in the marking process of many related industries with domestic economic development. With the structural adjustment, technical upgrading and product upgrading of domestic laser marking machines, China has truly become one of the major manufacturers of marking equipment.

Laser marking machines that have been carefully built for many years must be made in China. With the spread of frugal regularization mode and the continuous advancement of marking technology, more and more metal marking processing enterprises are gradually increasing on laser marking machines. Let’s list the advantages of laser marking machines one by one:

1.In aerospace, shipbuilding, mold and other manufacturing industries, laser marking machine can process large-scale machines that are difficult or basically impossible to process by a single machine tool.

2.Because the computer program is used to control the machining process, many factors affecting the accuracy are reduced. For the machine tool, the machining accuracy of the laser marking machine is greatly improved, and the human error is eliminated in the process. The machining quality of the whole machine is firm and the consistency is good.

3.The laser marking machine has high marking accuracy and high rigidity. It can be selected to be more suitable for processing feed. The production efficiency is high. Individual machine tools can reach 3 ~ 5 times of individual machine tools, and the production efficiency can reach 10 times or more of individual machine tools.

4.The high level of automation of laser marking machine is conducive to the development of production workshop to computer control and control production, and creates a premise for realizing the automation of production process.

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